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BeeTrip story

At BeeTrip, we are all from the travel industry and have made it our vocation. We realized that the skills acquired during our years of experience in this area could bring value to tourism agencies and structures.

We quickly understood that if we wanted to convert our travel requests into bookings, we had to become more efficient, travelers had to receive the travel proposition as fast as possible and it had to be a convincing one.

An expertise at your service

Our knowledge of IT and web development led to the creation of an internal software that allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to travel requests.

It is now called BeeTrip, a platform that brings together all the tools you need to optimize your business management, sales and marketing.

BeeTrip platform

BeeTrip meets the needs of different structures, from receptive to travel agencies. The intuitive and powerful platform allows you to consolidate and optimize the sales, marketing and management of your structure.

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