How to edit fonts on PDF exports

Customize the fonts of your PDF exports

You can use any of the Google fonts to customize your travel requests. To do this :

  • Simply go to
  • Once you selected the font, copy its name. The names are highlighted in the capture below:
  • Paste the font name directly in the dedicated field into BeeTrip

Customize the header photo

You can customize the “header” of your documents and get this kind of visual:

Devis-voyage-sur-mesure-en-Ethiopie-OK Devis-voyage-sur-mesure-en-Ethiopie-OK2

To do so, you just need to upload an image in the “Customize header” section of your template. The recommended resolution is 794x95px and the image must be a JPG.

WARNING: You can change the fonts (type, size, colours) and headers by yourself, but you take the risk of “breaking” the appearance of your documents. If you are not 100% comfortable with this, please contact us for assistance.

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