BeeTrip Link

Share your travel documents in one click!

Whether you are a tour operator, an receptive agency, a tourist guide… BeeTrip is the easiest way to share your travel documents. With BeeTrip Link you can transfer them to other professionals in one click.


Generate your BeeTrip Link in one click!

Design all your documents on demand (quotation, roadbook, guide…) and generate your BeeTrip Link to share them instantly with your partners.





Your partners collect and sell your trips!

Your partners can reuse your proposals by customizing them to suit their brand automatically. This is an incredible time saving that allows them to sell better and faster to travellers.


Travellers benefit from your services

Travellers have access to all travel documents depending on the content you wish to present to them: Online traveler’s area, pdf document….

BeeTrip platform

BeeTrip meets the needs of different structures, from receptive to travel agencies. The intuitive and powerful platform allows you to consolidate and optimize the sales, marketing and management of your structure.

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